About Patti-Ann



Hi, I am Patti-Ann aka Heidi Wholeness or Louise of Dear Thelma, Love Louise. I have lived in the city of London, Ontario, Canada since 1999 but my heart still aches for small town and country living like I used to live before.


I wear many hats…..

I am an “Upcycle” Artisan and I create all kinds of fun, funky, and earth friendly items! I create the following Product Lines… GYPSY MOJO (items from or for the garden), PINK SHEEP (restyled clothing & accessories), & CURLY FRY (cards, bookmarks, weird decor and novelties).

I am a mixed media artist and photographer & sell/show my paintings, sketches, and photos under the name HEIDI WHOLENESS and Heidi Wholeness Universe.

I have a love for vintage and retro items and anything kitschy and whimsical and love to share these items on my Etsy site or on my Facebook auctions.

Back in the 90’s I used to sell my art and crafts and other cool stuff from a little shop called BEE’S KNEES ETC. located in Northern Ontario in a little town called Burks Falls. Over the years I also sold my goods at a variety of Markets, Craft Shows, and Events.


In 2014 I renovated a vintage camper trailer with the help of family and mainly my Father In Law and named her Thelma after my dearly missed, best gal pal, who passed away from a brief fight with cancer. I turned Thelma into a mobile boutique and the business DEAR THELMA, LOVE LOUISE was born! Thelma and I and an ever-changing entourage hit the roads for a couple of years setting up shop at markets, festivals and fundraisers until physically I was no longer able to do so due to a chronic illness. I also spent one winter with a pop-up shop in a local pond and garden store in North East London.  And now… New this Fall, 2016, Dear Thelma, Love Louise is re-branding and setting up shop on ETSY!

I am currently writing a series of novels called ‘Chasing The Wind’ which tells the story of a young woman, a bohemian gypsy type, trying to thrive on the path that the Universe has laid out for her without losing her mind, her soul and herself. I have plans to publish in 2017 so stay tuned!

I have wanderlust and like to explore cool little places and buildings and wander aimlessly through forests almost always with a camera in my hands. I like to grow stuff and paint on things and I love words. I support sustainable living, Free Food, bartering, and swaps, saving the bees, urban gardening, and social enterprise. I am a stay at home foodie who likes to experiment with all types of recipes as long as I only have to make them once! Life is too short to eat the same meals over and over again.

I am also living with the challenges of a currently inoperable brain stem tumor which turned my life upside down and inside out and forced me to re-invent myself and which makes me stumble and fall sometimes but also get back up and embrace every moment of this life I have which is a gift and a privilege.


I share my tiny apartment in Old East Village, London with my husband, two dogs, Poppy and Ruby, a somewhat cranky Budgie bird, named Major, two tanks full of fish, and a whole lot of books, art supplies, and instruments none of which I can play very well.

I am a mother, step-mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, cousin, niece, auntie, friend. I have been a social worker, counselor, teacher, facilitator, coordinator, administrator, farmer, musher, model, dancer, wrestler, actor, photographer, production worker, sales clerk, server, manager, bartender, telemarketer, office clerk, freelance writer, fitness instructor, and childcare worker.

Random Facts:

Strengths? I am a glass half full person, tenacious, forgiving, and passionately creative.

Short Term & Long Term Goals? After my tumor diagnosis, I keep it all short term now!  Create, Sell, Write, Be Mindful, Give Away, Simplify, Read, Love, Forgive, Get Over It, Laugh, See, Sing, Rest, Eat Well,  Take Photos, Spend Time With Those I Love, Grow Things, Travel, Try and Be Brave, Leave a Legacy.

What is fun? road trips, swimming in the lake, campfires, taking photos, Christmas, reading, writing, painting, sketching, thrift store shopping, gardening, yard sales, catching up with old friends, fair food, listening to music, wandering around festivals, hikes, beachcombing, adventures with grandkids, baths, hot tubs.

What new things would I like to learn or try? Sign Language, wool spinning, zip lining, hula hooping, Tai Chi, creating a recipe book, self-publishing, owning a motel.

My safe place? My home.

Night Owl or Early Bird? Both….it all depends on the phases of the moon!

Self Care? Zen Baths~ bubble bath with candles, champagne, and soft meditation music. Naps.

Introvert or Extrovert? Both.  I prefer to be alone and require alone time in order to feel I have a balanced life but when I am thrust into the limelight, I am brave and social and get the job done.

Happiest Memories? Down on the farm.

When I am feeling down I like to? Eat things that tend not to be good for me.  Sleep a lot.  Watch made for TV movies or ones that make me cry.




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