About Dear Thelma, Love Louise (The Blog)



Dear Thelma, Love Louise ~ The Blog: Here you will find the following:

Flax-Golden Tales To Spin~of the past lives of Thelma and Louise (Dana & Patti) and their actual adventures, and friendship.

A peek or two into my private world~ my recent adventures,  people and things that make me smile, and all stuff worthy of my contemplation.

I create, therefore I am~ My latest projects at home, for the shop, or gifts.

Things that make my camera go click~ Captured places, people, moments and things in photos.

Hot Topics~ Stories that I have found around the web that makes me go hmmm? or ahhh!


This Blog was started after I reached my 50th birthday on April 27th 2016.  I am now living the second half of my life and with that the changes, challenges, adventures, lessons, and new possibilities.

Dear Thelma, Love Louise~ You’ve always been crazy, this is just the first chance you’ve had to express yourself. Clothing, Accessories, Art, Craft Supplies,  Decor and NOW Thoughts, for the Vintage, Retro, Boho, Hippie, Kitschy, Gypsy, Whimsical, Wandering Rock Stars of the world!


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